• 1. Training: CEIC conducts training programmes and short course to SMEs, Financial Institutions, Service firms, students and the community at large allied to the following areas:
    • Cooperative Business Management
    • Business planning and development
    • Entrepreneurship development
    • Youth entrepreneurship
    • Enterprise Development
    • Business consultancy techniques
    • Family business and wealth stabilization
    • Effective entrepreneurial management of schools
    • Intrapreneurship (Entrepreneurial Management) for executives
    • Credit management for Micro-Finance Institutions
    • Project Planning and Management
    • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Sales management
    • Change management
    • Time management
    • Customer care and Service Management
    • Corporate governance
    • Corporate social responsibility
    • Building and sustaining competitive advantage
    • Private sector participation in management and delivery of public goods and services
  • 2. Visiting and educating farmers, Cooperative unions on better utilization of farm subsidies, inputs, markets, Warehouse Receipt Systems (WRS) for better farming practices and commercialization of their activities
  • 3. CEIC is offering BUSINESS COUNSELING SERVICES to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The Services are offered by Competent Business Counsellors from in and out of MoCU
  • 4. Liaison with Financial Institutions like Banks, to train their prospective debtors on proper management of the borrowed funds, ability to repay their loans, and how to smoothly run their business
  • 5. Provision of Service to design and draw organizational structures and management teams for SMEs to enhance their performance.
  • 6. Provision of business counselling to subsistence peasants, farmers and service providers who have accessed credits and started small enterprises
  • 7. Conduct needs assessment studies to identify clients who are in need of our services.
  • 8. Also, CEIC offers tailor made course, depending on the specific needs of a client. Over the past four years, CEIC has trained so many people in these courses.
  • 9. CEIC is planning to start a virtual incubation service supporting cooperatives and business start ups in the areas of consultancy and training. The target group is primary cooperatives and graduates.

The MoCU Cooperative Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre is a result of collaborative initiative between Moshi Co-operative University (MoCU) and Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning (HUMBER ITAL). It was officially launched in September 2009. The essence of establishing the Cooperative Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (CEIC) is to build capacity of entrepreneurs locally and internationally, and to equip entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to the communities.

The mission of the centre is to facilitate the development of entrepreneurial capacity in Tanzania; it aims at becoming an effective catalyst for socio economic development and poverty reduction. CEIC is progressively developing into a community based initiative support organization.

The vision of CEIC is to become a "leading centre of excellence in entrepreneurship training and business counselling nationally and regionally for social and economic development".

The main goal of CEIC is to reduce poverty among poor Tanzanians and the entire Sub-Saharan Africa by enabling them to start and manage their own small and medium enterprises.

  • 1. Provide entrepreneurship training and tailor made programmes to small and medium entrepreneurs
  • 2. Provide consultancy and advisory services to entrepreneurs
  • 3. Provide business counselling to subsistence peasants, farmers and business men and women who have accessed credits and started small enterprises
  • 1. Provision of practical training to students
  • 2. Business plan development
  • 3. Business counselling
  • 4. Training on entrepreneurial skills
  • 5. Market research
  • 6. Conduct needs assessment studies
  • 7. Organization development
  • 8. Developing back-up materials in various areas
  • 9. Conduct baseline surveys

CEIC has the capacity to develop programme contents and facilitate programmes on how different entrepreneurs can manage and strengthen their business successfully. CEIC is managed by a team of competent, qualified resource persons who are readily available to provide different services to clients. Since its establishment in September 2009 CEIC managed to conduct several training to different category, of clients, tracer study and business counselling.