Academic programmes
Academic Teaching programmes run by the DCLA include:
i)Three months training programme namely Elementary Course in Librarianship (ECL),
ii)One year Certificate in Library and Information Sciences (CLIS), and
iii)Two years Diploma in Library and Archival Studies (DLAS).
The plan to establish a bachelor degree programme in the related areas by 2018/2019 academic year is underway.


Hapa ni waalimu tuu mmoja wapipi tatu

The Library contains over 18,000 book titles in nearly 45,000 book volumes, over 500 CDS that cover a wide range of subjects and video cassettes. It also subscribes to about 60 periodical titles from both local and overseas sources. The Dewey Decimal System is used to classify information resources acquired by the Library. Books in the Collection belong to different subject areas such as Co-operation, Information Technology, Management, Accounting, Sociology, Marketing, Microfinance, Banking, Business Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Taxation, Materials Management, Communication Skills, Auditing, Law, Entrepreneurship, Research Methods, Community Development and many others.

The Collection is subdivided into five areas as follows;
1. Special Reserve Collection
2. General Collection
3. Co-operative Information Collection
4. Gender Information Collection
5. Health Information

THE DCLA Services

The MoCU library is fully automated to ease the processes of serial and inventory control, circulation, acquisition and locating resources within the library. The library provides the following services:

Inter-Library Loans (ILL)

this service is not provided by the MoCU library but the plans are underway to provide this service. Items will be borrowed from any library in the country that forms part of the ILL agreement. There will be some charges in certain circumstances, and the recusant will be required to consult the ILL officer before submitting requests.

Reference and information services

The MoCU library provides both reference and information services to its patrons. The information services are rendered in anticipation of our patrons requirements whereas reference services are provided on the basis of on-demand queries which are answered by the reference librarian through reference transactions. The types of reference services provided at MoCU Library include the followings:
(i)Readers’ advisory service: this service at the MoCU Library is provided at readers’ advisory desk where the advisor recommends specific information source and resource based on the patrons needs.
(ii)Ready reference: the MoCU library ready reference resources are used for quick consultation. The collection in the reference section ranges from encyclopaedia, dictionaries, directories, geographical sources, yearbooks, thesaurus and many others.
(iii)Library instructions: the MoCU reference librarian is normally instructing readers about the use of the library. There are two forms of instruction which are direct and indirect. This is done at the beginning of the semester as well as when there are new changes and new patrons. Library Staff are available for reference assistance when the library is open.