The Bureau of Consultancy Services (BCS) was established under Article 22(1) of the Moshi Co-operative University Charter, 2015 to co-ordinate all consultancy services carried out by the University. In the co-ordination of the consultancy services, the Bureau solicit, design and manage the execution of consultancy activities by the University. The BCS is a one stop center at the University and therefore co-ordinate and supervise all consultancy related matters.

1. Endeavor to seek for the advertised consultancies;
2. Constitute teams for the bidding for consultancy assignments;
3. Organize, compile and submit the bids to prospective clients;
4. Communicate with clients on matters related to execution of assignments;
5. Monitor the actual undertaking of the consultancy assignments;
6. Regulate payment and payment procedures;
7. Calculate, in collaboration with the consultants, the distribution of the fee for specific tasks;
8. Prepare reports on the status of consultancy activities at the University;
9. Organize workshops and training activities on consultancy issues;
10. Advise the University on all consultancy issues/matters;
11. Approving various consultancy-related documents and keeping records thereof; and
12. Undertake any other duties that are necessary in coordination of securing execution of consultancy assignments by the University.
Over years, the Bureau has gained vast experience in coordinating the design and delivery of the above services to various clients (both local and international) in a variety of disciplines. The majority of the academic members of MoCU staff, through the coordination of the Bureau, have built up high reputation in executing and completing many consultancy assignments to the satisfaction of MoCU's clientele.