The Directorate of Human Resources Management and Administration (“DHRMA”) provides timely and responsive leadership, resources, and services to fully support the State in the recruitment, management and retention of a high-performing workforce. DHRMA conducts recruitment activities; provides guidance and support for personnel actions; classifies positions based on duties and responsibilities; ensures compensation of employees at proper pay levels; supports the collective bargaining process; directs effective employee-employer relations; administers workers’ compensation benefits; and ensures a safe and healthy work environment. DHRMA’s goal is to recruit and retain “the best and the brightest” employees, so that university can deliver efficient and effective services to the public.


To plan, develop and manage human resources for optimal organizational performance and implement action on staff policies and regulations; provide efficient and timely core services, procure and manage human resources for all Directorates and Offices of the Commission in order to facilitate their smooth functioning..

Core Function ;

  • 1. To develop, manage and implement administrative policies;
  • 2. To initiate and develop administrative rules and procedures
  • 3. To promote awareness of best practices in administrative procedures;
  • 4. To initiate, propose and manage human resource policies taking into account gender and other considerations
  • 5. To ensure a fair and efficient performance appraisal system including the enforcement of staff discipline;
  • 6. To develop, manage policy on medical services as well as provide effective outpatient clinical services drawing on adequate diagnostic services ;
  • 7 To initiate, develop and manage a reliable Management Information System (MIS)policy;li>
  • 8 To design and manage a reliable transport system;
  • 9. To design and manage a current and reliable inventory system;
  • 10. To refurbish, build and maintain buildings;
  • 11. To initiate manage and maintain an effective security system for property and staff;
  • 12. To initiate, design, and manage a modern Library Services;
  • 13. To design and maintain an archival system for the Commission and AU Organs;
  • 14. To provide an efficient Registry Service;
  • 15. To ensure a smooth coordination framework for the administrative staff