Directorate of Planning and Finance (DPF)

Overview of the DPF

Directorate of Planning and Finance (DPF) is among the administrative directorates of the University. The Directorate is operating under the office of Deputy Vice Chancellor-Administration and Finance (DVC-AF). The main functions of the Directorate include planning, coordinating University capital projects, resource mobilization and financial management as well as defining the long-term physical vision of the University in terms of infrastructure and equipment. The Directorate is also responsible for coordinating and compiling the University budget.


Directorate of Planning and Finance is organised into Five (5) departments.

  • Final Accounts (FA)
  • Accounting and Finance (AF)
  • Salary and other Benefits (SB)
  • Campus and Regional Offices Accounting (CROA)
  • Planning, Income Generation and Investment (PIGI)
Dr. Nicodemus Mwakilema