Faculty of Business and Informational Sciences (FBIS)

Overview of the FBIS

Welcome to the Faculty of Business and Information Sciences (FBIS) webpage. FBIS forms a part of the two faculties at the Moshi Co-operative University (MoCU) which was established under the University Charter of 2014.

FBIS has grown very fast from two to five departments between 2012 and 2015 mainly as a result of the demand for competitive professionals in the job market and self employment.

The Faculty has now close to 1500 students, pursuing undergraduate and post graduate programmes offered in different departments . At the moment, the faculty has 67 members of academic staff and five supporting staff.


The Faculty of Business and Information sciences comprises  of five departments namely the Department of Baking and Finance, Department of Marketing, Procurement and Supply Management, Department of Management, Department of Law and the Department of Information and Communication Technology. Each department is led by the Head of Department.

Dr. Goodluck A. Mmari
Dean of Faculty