ICCE discharges demand-oriented activities in training, research and community services in the co-operative and community development. Activities are mainly geared towards capacity building and empowerment of the targeted communities for sustainable livelihoods. Specifically, ICCE does the following:

1 Conducts needs assessment for community-based organizations, co-operatives and the general public.
2 Empowers members, managers and leaders of co-operatives and grassroot organizations to enhance their development through training and linking them with development support institutions in order to fight against poverty and other social vulnerabilities.
3 Organizes and conducts seminars, workshops and short courses for co-operative members, staff, committees and board members, pre-co-operative groups and other economic groups.
4 Conducts distance learning programmes inside and outside the country
5 Conducts distance learning programmes,
6 Organizes and carries out gender responsive programmes aimed at creating favourable conditions for sustainable development for all, including disadvantaged groups