Kizumbi Teaching Center

The office of Student Welfare Coordinator (SWC) is responsible for all accommodation requirements within the campus. The campus has limited but affordable living spaces. Female students and those with special needs are given first priority when it comes to rooms' allocation. While the demand for in-campus living continues to rise, the SWC works closely with the private hostels next to our campus in ensuring off-campus living. The SWC offices serves as a mediator in the areas of rent setting as wells in promotion of positive living.

Catering Services
The campus has privately run cafeteria which offers meals- breakfast, lunch, and dinner at most affordable rates. There are also food kiosks where one can choose to buy his or meal. No cooking is allowed within the campus hostels.

Medical Services and Health Care
Primary health services are provided here at the campus dispensary by our professional medical staff. When patients require critical attention, then they are referred to the nearest Regional hospital (some 7 km away from the campus). Other than ensuring good physical health, the health unit provides counseling services with regard to alcoholism, sexual behaviours, stress, and drug abuse.

Student Union (MUCSCO)
Students have their own autonomous organization, MUCSCO, whose sole responsibility is to ensure links among students and between the campus management. This organization is a subsidiary organization, operating under the broad guidelines of the student organization at the headquarters. The head of the campus student organization is referred to as the Vice President.