Library Services

Library Services

Book lending

Lending is an important service provided by the circulation section. Lending of documents to users is done by issuing desk of the library.

Literature search

Searching is done to both Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) and card catalogue. This is supported with indexes, bibliographies, abstracts, Internet search, etc.

Readers’ advisory services

It includes provision of assistance to readers who seek for information. There are two types of services in this area: direct and indirect readers’ advisory.

Special reserve

This service includes provision of books which are unique and have higher demand among users. This ensures that there would be a balanced provision of library materials.

Internet services

Users are able to use Internet for their various information needs. It is provided through wireless and at Internet café.

Journals and Newspapers clippings

Users can also be provided with journals and newspapers in areas of co-operatives development.

General reference

User can use this section for consultation purposes. It includes various sources (such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, yearbooks, thesauri, almanacs, etc)

Selective dissemination of information (SDI)

This personalized or customized information services in anticipation that is provided by MoCU Library. The aim is to help users to cope with the information overload where users have no adequate time for searching publications.

Current awareness services (CAS)

This service is designed to alert MoCU library patrons and researchers on the currently received documents. This is done both in paper print and electronic format through ABCD software, emails and social media tools.

Printing, photocopying and spiral binding services

The MoCU library renders these services by charges per page.