Organization Structure

The Governance

Governance in the University is exercised through the Council and its Statutory Committees. The Council is the highest policy making organ for the University. It was established under the Article 18 of the MoCU Charter, 2015. Principally, the Council was mandated to oversee policy making, governance and control of the University activities. For efficient governance of the University, the Council has the following technical committees which have the power to advise the Council on all matters relating to academic and administrative activities:

(a) Senate

This is the principal overall decision making organ in respect of all academic matters of the University. It is responsible to the Council for the control and general regulation of academic work in teaching and learning, research and publication, advisory and outreach services, as well as superintendence of education and discipline of students. The Senate is assisted by Senate Postgraduate Studies Committee, Senate Undergraduate Studies Committees and Faculty/Institute/Directorates Boards.

(b) Finance and Planning Committee

This committee is the principal advisor to the Council on the planning and financial matters as well as the financing of the University activities as per its strategic corporate plan. It deliberates on annual estimates, scrutinize the planning and financial reports as well as advise the Council on the instruments relating to the control and regulation of financial affairs of the University.

(c) Audit Committee

This is the Technical Committee of the Council which is mandated among other things, to receive work scheduled and plan from the Internal Audit; approve annual internal and strategic audit plans; review all internal and external audit reports; review and recommend to the Council audit related instruments; and monitor the University Code of Conduct and Ethics for Auditors and Accountants.

(d) Appointments and Human Resource Committees

The University has Appointment and Human Resource Committees for Academic and Administrative staff. These committees are responsible for recruitment and selection of all University Staff, human resource planning, promotion, staff development and welfare, setting and reviewing personal emoluments, compensation and benefits, ensuring safety, health and security of employees and maintaining labour relations.

(e) Students’ Affairs

This is another committee of the Council responsible for overseeing all matters relating to students welfare.

(f) Other Participatory Organs

The University also recognize the functions of the associations, organizations and trade unions established in accordance with the Act and Regulations made under the MoCU Charter, 2015. These participatory organs are: (i) Workers Council (ii)Alumni Association (iii)Moshi Co-operative University Students’ Organization (MoCUSO) (iv)Moshi Co-operative University Academic Staff Association (MoCUASA); (v) Moshi Co-operative University Administrative Staff Association (MUASA); (vi)Researchers, Academicians and Allied Workers Union (RAAWU); and (vii)Tanzania Higher Education Trade Union (THTU).


MoCU is headed by the Chancellor whose main function is conferring degrees, diplomas, certificates and other awards offered by the University. The Chancellor is assisted by the Vice Chancellor who is the Chief Executive Officer of the University. The Vice Chancellor is assisted by two Deputy Vice Chancellors; one responsible for academic and the other for administrative and finance matters. The Deputy Vice Chancellors are assisted by Deans and Directors while Deans and Directors are assisted by Heads of Departments.