Deputy Vice Chancellor – Administration and Finance

Prof. Fredy T.M. Kilima

Deputy Vice Chancellor - Administration and Finance

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration and Finance) is the principal assistant of, and responsible to the Vice Chancellor in all matters pertaining to the administration of the University, including the administration of funds and other assets of the University, and deputizes for the Vice Chancellor in his absence of both the Vice Chancellor and the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic). He shall have other functions as are conferred by the Charter. The current MoCU Deputy Vice Chancellor - Administrative and Finance is Prof. Fredy T. Kilima.


Prof. Fredy T. M. Kilima holds PhD in agricultural Economics from Oklahoma State University and Master Degree in same field from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). He attained his B.Sc. degree in Agriculture with a specialty in Rural Economy from SUA. Prof. Kilima began his academic career as an Assistant Lecturer at SUA in April 1999, he was promoted to various academic ranks and became Associate Professor in 2014. His academic competencies are in Marketing, Resource Economics, Statistics and Econometrics. He has researched on agricultural marketing, natural resource management, agricultural finance, farmers’ livelihoods and poverty, price integration and volatility and on the impacts of food safety standards on livelihoods. He has published on agricultural credits, biodiversity conservation, market reforms, adoption and impact of information and communication technologies, livelihoods, project monitoring and evaluation as well as price integration and volatility.