Medical Services
The University has a Health Centre facility in Moshi and a Dispensary at Kizumbi campus which provides clinical and health services. The Health Centre and the Dispensary have full-time University Medical Officers and full-time Nursing staff who attend the University students, staff as well as neighbouring community. The University Health Centre provides referral cases to Mawenzi Regional Referral Hospital and Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) which is a consultant hospital. At Kizumbi campus, cases requiring specialist attention are referred to Shinyanga Regional Referral Hospital. Staff and student medical services including hospitalization are provided upon receipt of medical cards. University students and staff are required to join National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) which guarantees the medical treatment at the University Health Centre. Upon admission, all students are required to pay medical apitation fees and receive medical services based on these fees. All new students are required to furnish the University with a satisfactory medical report from a recognized government medical practitioner(s) or medical officer(s).