Archives Unit

Head of Department

HoD’s Welcome Note

Specific Functions

This Unit is charged with the responsibility of identifying, collecting, acquiring, processing, preserving and providing access to cooperative archival materials for historic and academic purposes. It also is a preserver of rare and special collections as well as a contributor towards the achievement of the mission the university.

• To identify cooperative archival material and conserve them.
• To create accessions record for acquired cooperative archival materials.
• To inform users of the content of the cooperative archives.
• Records intellectuals’ content and enhance accessibility of cooperative archival material physical description.
• Guides descriptive repository and determine intellective arrangement and organization of cooperative archival materials
• Controlling and promoting use of archival materials through preservation, access control, display management and security of archival materials
• Conducting research on endangered archival materials
• Maintain statistics of archival materials use preserve material in deferent format for example electronic forms etc.
• Provide finding aid answering questions, policies procedures and information about the nature and existence of the cooperative archives documentation access and reference service
• Exhibitions or display of subject or items in the archives and other academic events
• Digitizing of cooperative archival materials