Bureau of Consultancy Services (BCS)

Overview of the BCS

The Bureau of Consultancy Services (BCS) was established under Article 22(1) of the Moshi Co-operative University Charter, 2015 to co-ordinate all consultancy services carried out by the University. In the co-ordination of the consultancy services, the Bureau solicits designs and manages execution of consultancy activities by the University. The BCS is a one stop centre at the University and therefore, co-ordinates and supervises all consultancy related matters. Over years now, the Bureau has gained a vast experience in coordinating the design and delivery of the above services to various clients (both local and international) in a variety of disciplines. MoCU academic staff through coordination of the Bureau has built up high reputation in executing consultancy assignments to the satisfaction of our clients.

Dr. Neema Kumburu


  • Organising, compiling and submitting the bids to prospective clients
  • Communicating with clients on matters related to execution of assignments
  • Monitoring the actual undertaking of the consultancy assignments
  • Calculating, in collaboration with the consultants, the distribution of the fee for specific tasks
  • Preparing reports on the status of consultancy activities at the University
  • Organising workshops and training activities on consultancy issues
  • Advising the University on all consultancy issues/matters
  • Approving various consultancy-related documents and keeping records thereof

Main Areas of Consulting Competencies

  • Participatory Training in Cooperative Development
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Organizational Development and Transformation
  • Capacity Building of Vulnerable Groups
  • Co-operative Marketing including Value Chain Analysis
  • Microfinance Promotion and Management
  • Project Impact Assessment
  • Strategic Planning-including business planning
  • Cooperative Laws and Policy Review and Development
  • Environmental Management and Conservation
  • Co-operative Management
  • Co-operative Education
  • Legal Reforms
  • Gender Development
  • Training Needs Assessment (TNA)
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Auditing and Inspection
  • Climate Change Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Preparation of Investment Profile
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