Dr. Rashid A. Chikoyo
Head of Department

HoD’s Welcome Note

Students and Alumni

I sincerely feel greatly honoured to welcome you all to the Department of Community Development and Gender (CDG) of the Moshi Co-operative University (MoCU). Currently the department offers Bachelor Degree in Community Economic Development (BCED), Masters in Development Planning and Postgraduate Diploma in Community Development (PGD-CD); moreover, the department enrols PhD students who have interest in the areas of Community Development, Gender, Rural Development and all humanities related areas of interest. Our graduates are mainly employed as community development staff by the public service and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and others are self-employed.

The Department is among of the four departments under the Faculty of Co-operative and Community Development (FCCD). The department was established form the first department of the faculty (Department of Cooperative Development and Management) which the elder department of the University. Since its establishment the department has been a core source of human resourceful products and skilled graduates in the field of Community Development. Currently the department is in a plan to establish a PhD programme by course work.

Currently the department has a full of qualified staff members from the rank of Tutorial assistances to the rank of Associate Professors who are engaged in teaching, research activities, consultants as well as community services and outreach activities. The students in the department have a Community Development Club which is patronised and matronised by our staff members; the club in collaboration with lecturers in the department are regularly participating in community services and outreach activities in each semester of the academic year.

Currently the Department has students in first, second and third year BCED and semester one PGD-CD programmes. Our alumni in the Department include all students who pursued the BCED Degree since 2008. First BCED students were enrolled in 2008/2009 academic year. The first batch graduated in 2011. For the first time, the University graduation ceremony comprised the conferring of a BCED Degree to 180 graduands. The PGD-CD current students and graduates since 2005 are also recognised as the alumni of the department.

Academic Programmes

Master in Development Planning (MDP)

This is a two semester program. Whereas, upon completion of the programme, candidates are expected to be able to: Reflect critically, systematically and creatively on theory and application in dealing with complex issues concerning community development and planning; Design; appraise and make sound judgments using research data and information about community development and planning; Autonomously plan and implement tasks with a professional orientation to advance knowledge understanding and skills relevant to a particular profession; Clearly communicate research findings to specialist and non- specialist audiences on community developmental interventions as well as to learn and work independently with minimum supervision. All candidates who will successfully attain 193 credits and passes a dissertation will be awarded a Master Degree in Development Planning upon approval by the University Senate. However, a Master’s candidate who successfully attains 193 credits and with compelling reasons fails to continue as stipulated in General University Examination Regulations in place may be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Development Planning upon approval by Senate.

Entry arrangement for successful participation in this programme shall depend on possession of requisite entry requirements as indicated in the curriculum. All applications for admission shall be directed to the University. Eligibility for entry and selection procedures shall be guided by the University policies and guidelines. University admission, registration and examination will be done with respect to the General University Admission, Registration and Examination Regulations in place.

Postgraduate Diploma in Community Development (PGD CD)

This is a two semester program. The programme is designed to equip candidates with advanced knowledge and skills in Community Development so that they effectively facilitate self-help community development initiatives. Specifically the programme aims to: provide professional training in community development, facilitation approaches and strategies; enable candidates apply participatory community development methods and techniques; and enable candidates to appreciate the role of community development in the economy. Postgraduate Diploma in Community Development (PGD-CD) was approved by the Senate in 2004.

Graduates of this course are able to do the following, among others: Design, in a participatory manner, rural and urban development promotion strategies; Evolve strategies to mobilize community resources for community development; Build self-sustaining community development programs; Assume senior leadership positions in community development – oriented programs in the government, Non-governmental organizations and other institutions; Qualify for further training; and Employ themselves and compete favourably in the market.

Bachelor of Community Economic Development (BCED)

This is an existing programme since the year 2008. It is a full time three years programme under the semester system. Applicants for BCED should have obtained a Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) or equivalent with passes in five principle subjects, obtained prior to sitting for the Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE) or equivalent; and at least two principal level passes and a total of at least 4.5 points in principle subjects in the Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE); University Qualification Framework (UQF) level 6 (Ordinary Diploma) and NTA level 6 (ordinary diploma) that is relevant to the programme and should have at least four passes at Ordinary level (NQF level 4). Recognition of prior-learning (RPL): Applicants should have an average of a B+ grade in relevant courses.

This programme was designed to equip undergraduate students to deal with complex issues in the national and international community economic development. Graduates in this programme will be able to perform community economic functions in community development. Specific objectives shall be to: Equip candidates with a blend of community development knowledge and skills so as to become professionals in their field; Enable candidates to uphold ethics relevant to community economic development; Address both the global and national professional requirements for best practices in community economic development; and Inculcate entrepreneurial attitudes to candidates.
Applications for admissions are normally invited once a year between July and September. The detailed information about the application procedures and requirements are usually stated through the University main website and many other outlets.

Admission Requirements for this programme include: An Advanced Diploma from recognised institutions of higher learning or a Bachelor degree from recognized institutions of higher learning.