Department of Economics and Statistics (ECS)

Dr. Meda T. Mrimi
Head of Department

HoD’s Welcome Note

I sincerely feel greatly honored to welcome you all to the Department of Economics and Statistics (ECS) of the Moshi Co-operative University (MoCU). The Department is under the Faculty of Co-operative and Community Development and one amongst the four departments of the Faculty. ECS is currently running two programmes, Bachelor of  Economics (BEC) and Master of Project Planning and Management. Plans are underway to introduce other Economics and Statistics programs in the Department.

The Department has highly qualified academicians in various areas of economics and statistics who have been engaged in national and international research and consultancy works. Some of them have published renowned and worthwhile books, manuals and journal articles. The infrastructures available at MoCU offer a conducive environment for students to carry on their studies. The library services available offer a wide range of economics and statistics materials. Lecture and seminar rooms are conducive for students to comfortably learn. Moreover, ICT facilities are also available and students can communicate and access various materials online.

The Department of Economics and Statistics is working hard to achieve our goals and aspiring to the best provider of economics and statistics education.

Academic Programmes

Master of Project Planning and Management (MPPM)

Master of Project Planning and Management (MPPM) is an eighteen (18) months’ programme (3 semesters in the two years of study). The first two semesters are for the course work while the remaining semester is for research. It is designed to prepare graduates to understand key issues and techniques on project planning, monitoring and evaluation. In addition, it will provide graduates with special knowledge and experience needed to embark on fulfilling their career, manage groups especially community-based groups, and make improvement by incorporating best project practices. The programme is uniquely designed to intensify critical understanding of techniques, strategies, preparations and associated issues in planning and management of various projects such as economic development projects, business projects, industrial projects, community financing projects and non-governmental projects. Graduates can be employed as project officers, project planning officers, project evaluation and monitoring officers, business managers, and community development officers. The programme further offers opportunities in self designing projects and employment as consultants, trainers and researchers in different areas of project planning, management and economic development.

Applications for admission are invited once a year between July and September. Applicants should have obtained at least a Bachelor Degree or Postgraduate Diploma from a recognized institution of higher learning, or relevant professional qualifications. The detailed information about the application procedures and requirements are stated through the University website and other media.

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Bachelor of Economics (BEC)

Bachelor of Economics (BEC) is a three-year degree programme developed to equip candidates with a blend of economics and financial knowledge and skills. Likewise, it will enable candidates to uphold ethics relevant to the economics profession in a myriad of disciplines including economic research, co-operative societies, finance and banking, economic policy analysis in both governmental and non-governmental organizations. The programme aims at equipping candidates with appropriate knowledge, attitude, skills and values to enable them contribute to social and economic development at the individual, community, national, and global level. Graduates in this programme will be able to initiate, establish and manage economically business enterprises, empower entrepreneurs to take up any economic challenges arising from their business, and may be employed in various economic sectors, including governmental, non-governmental and international organizations as well as generating their own self-employment.

Applications for admission are normally invited once a year between July and September. For direct admission, applicants should have at least two principal passes in Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education (ACSE) in the following subjects; economics, mathematics, commerce, accounts, physics, chemistry and geography with the total points of 4.5 and above. Applicants for equivalent qualifications should be a holder of relevant diploma or other equivalent qualifications from the recognized institutions or professional boards.

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