Department of Knowledge Management

Msafiri Ponera
Head of Department

HoD’s Welcome Note

The Department has qualified instructors, researchers and consultants in various areas of Library and Information Sciences. The Department is keen to ensure that Tanzania and other neighboring countries benefit from rich library and information sciences expertise imparted to our students. The Department’s ultimate goal is to enable its graduates create jobs in terms of being employed as well as employing themselves and others in the field of library and information sciences, records management and archival administration.

Academic Programmes

Diploma in Library and Information Science (DLIS)

This is a four semester’s programme designed to orient students to various dimensions of locating, organizing and managing information and knowledge resources. It provides strong theoretical and experiential foundations from the community and employment demands for trained professionals in the field of Library and Information Science. Minimum entry requirements for this Diploma Programme are: Direct entry: NQF: Level 5 (Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education) with at least one principal pass and one subsidiary in History, Kiswahili, English Language, Geography, French, Economics, Accountancy, Mathematics, Commerce, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Nutrition. Equivalent entry: NTA Level 4 or any appropriate Basic Certificate passed at 2nd class and accredited by TCU.

Certificate in Library and Information Science (CLIS)

This is a two semester programme designed to equip candidates with basic knowledge and skills in Library and Information Science and become capable of working with various departments including libraries, archive institutions, record centers, engage in social responsibility initiatives. Minimum entry requirements for this Certificate Programme are: Four Principal Passes at D grade or above in Form IV Examinations in the following subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Agriculture, History, Civics, English, Commerce, Book-Keeping, Engineering Science, Building Construction, Architectural Draughting, Electrical Installation, Electrical Engineering Science, Electrical Draughting, Workshop Technology, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Mechanical Draughting, Woodwork, plumbing, and technical drawings.

Academic Staff

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