Department of Research and Publications

Overview of the Department

The Research and Publications Department is responsible for enhancing responsive research environment geared towards realisation of the research agenda and disseminations through publications. It is a responsibility of the Department to play a part in the university academic growth and development through strengthening capability, supervision and/or monitoring research grants and strengthening research culture and explore possibilities of external funding through networking with local, national and international organisations. The department oversees publication of two journals, i.e. the Journal of Cooperative and Business Studies (JCBS) and the East Africa Journal of Social and Applied Science(EAJ-SAS). The two University journals are published bi-annually with two issues each both online and through print media.

Specific Functions

  • Coordinating research activities undertaken by MoCU members of staff, research fellows and associates under various collaborative arrangements.
  • Overseeing the quality of academic works produced by staff members of the University and other stakeholders.
  • Ensuring proper documentation and dissemination of publications.
  • Coordinating the publication of the Journal of Co-operative and Business Studies, East Africa Journal of Social and Applied Science(EAJ-SAS), MoCU Working Papers, books and teaching manuals written by MoCU staff.
Isaac Kazungu (PhD)
Head of Department