Department of Technical Services

Overview of the Department

The Technical Service Department is responsible for acquisition of library materials and record keeping. Acquisition of library materials consists of listing, ordering receiving and processing of all documents collections.

Specific Functions

  • Process order requests including verification of bibliographic information.
  • Receive items including timely processing of all received publications, i.e. recording, cataloguing; classification, indexing, abstracting and constructing annotated bibliography.
  • Acknowledge and process gift materials
  • Provide current awareness services through make library users informed about arrival of new publications and maintain current information of books on display.
  • Examine acquisition renewal notes and subscription lists to determine the rate of demand of publications.
  • Create annual budget to facilitate expenditure of funds and estimate funds commitments for future fiscal years.
  • Provide bibliographic access to collection.
  • Conducting stocktaking and stock counting.
  • Conduct final check of permanently processed and prepared material for accuracy and completeness and distribute processed materials to appropriate locations.
  • Review database transactions for accuracy, completeness and consistency.
  • Maintain shelf list and evaluate materials following retention procedures.
Goodluck G. Mmary, PhD
Head of Department