Directorate of Human Resource Management and Administration (DHRMA)

Massambu D. Massambu

Overview of the DHRMA

DHRMA Mandate

Core Functions


The Directorate of Human Resource Management and Administration (DHRMA) among other functions, advises the University in the recruitment, management and retention of high-performing employees. DHRMA conducts recruitment activities, provides guidance and support for personnel actions, classifies positions based on duties and responsibilities and ensures compensation of employees at proper pay levels, supports the collective bargaining process, directs effective employee-employer relations, administers workers ’ compensation benefits, and ensures a safe and healthy work environment. DHRMA’s goal is to recruit and retain the best and the brightest employees so that the University can deliver efficient and effective services to the Public.

The DHRMA has the mandate to plan, develop and manage human resource for optimal organisational performance and implement action on staff policies and regulations, provide efficient and timely core services, procure and manage human resource for all Faculties, Directorates, Departments, Regional Offices, Kizumbi Teaching Centre and Units of the Moshi Co-operative University (MoCU) in order to facilitate their smooth operations.

• To hire, recruit, train and develop employees
• To facilitate compensation, employee benefits, employees relations and legal matters
• To develop, manage and implement administrative policies
• To initiate and develop administrative rules and procedures
• To ensure a fair and efficient performance appraisal system including the enforcement of staff discipline
• To initiate manage and maintain an effective security system for property and staff
• To ensure a smooth coordination framework for the academic and administrative staff

Department of Health Services (DHS)
Among other things, this department is designed to perform the following duties and responsibilities:
• To facilitate planning, co-ordination and supervision of health services at the University environment,
• To identify, report and control epidemic diseases conditions,
• To ensure that medical audit and quality improvement of health services are carried out and health records are properly recorded and kept,
• To coordinate conducting of disease surveillance epidemiological research and sharing of findings,
• To identify health risks among the University community and prepare courses of action for preventive measures.
Department of Administrative Services (DAS)
Among the duties and responsibilities of this department are:
• To coordinate and monitors the operations of the Registry and Security services,
• To ensure that staff houses are in a sound conditions,
• To facilitate acquisition of office facilities and equipment, and ensure they are effectively and appropriately managed,
• To develop workable administrative system and procedures for effective and smooth operation of other departments,
• To prepare and coordinate annual work plans, budgets and performance reports;
• To ensure that Health, Safety and Environmental practices in the University comply with University policy and regulations.
Department of Human Resource Management
Among other duties and responsibilities, this department is tasked to perform the following:
• To coordinate and conduct departmental survey to establish training needs,
• To conduct open performance review and appraisal system (OPRAS) in consultation with other units of the University,
• To facilitate the preparation of Personal Emoluments and promotions; the administration of recruitment and staff allocation; identification and analysis of key issues related to staff disputes,
• To undertake guidance and counselling of staff and career mentoring to junior staff,
• To maintain a constant review of human resource policies and procedures and recommend for improvement;
• To provide a consultative service to management on the interpretation and application of schemes of service and other government directives and regulations, and
• To advise the Director on human resource related matters.
Department of Estate Management and Environment (DEME)
The following include duties and responsibilities of this department:
• Landscaping the University grounds and drainage system,
• Coordinating and supervising all activities related to construction, maintenance and estate up-keeping, and consultancy services in estates management, and
• Supervising feasibility studies and evaluation of viability of proposed projects on the University land.