Directorate of Research and Postgraduate Studies (DRPS)

Dr. George E. Matto

Overview of the DRPS

Core Functions of the DRPS


Research Priority

The Directorate of Research and Postgraduate Studies (DRPS) came into being as a result of the split of the former Directorate of Research and Consultancy Services (DRCS) into two; the DRPS and the Bureau of Consultancy Services (BCS). The DRPS was set up in order to enhance the University image as a premier academic and research institution of International standing.

The Directorate is guided by the vision, mission and core values of MoCU. The Directorate co-ordinates, monitors and organises research, publications and postgraduate programmes of the University. The Directorate’s activities are tailored to feed into the University’s training programmes development and improvements. This enables the University to design and deliver up-to-date and relevant programmes that meet the needs of the society and the world at large.

The DRPS is responsible for overall coordination of all postgraduate programmes at different levels (Postgraduate diploma, Master, and PhD) including monitoring of academic progress of all postgraduate students. The directorate is also responsible for development and overseeing the implementation of policies, guidelines, regulations and strategies related to postgraduate training and research, at MoCU and by MoCU staff.

The DRPS is managed by the Director. To easen the management process, the directorate is made up of two departments, namely, the Department of Research and Publications and Department of Postgraduate Studies. Each department is headed by Head of Department.

Department of Research and Publications
Department of Postgraduate Studies

MoCU’s priority research areas include (i) co-operative development (ii) community development (iii) rural transformation (iv) business studies (v) microfinance development (vi) information technology (vii) organizational development (viii) entrepreneurship (ix) Participatory monitoring and evaluation (x) Strategic and Business Planning (xi) Financial management and planning.