Directorate of Students Services(DSS)

Elisifa Nnko
Ag. Director

Overview of FCCD

Office Instruments

Core Areas of Work


The Office of the Director of Students Services oversees the students’ welfare at the University. It serves as a link between the University Management and the students’ democratically elected government (the Moshi Co-operative University Students’ Organization). The Office is also responsible for students’ disciplinary matters. Through Moshi Co-operative University Students’ Organization, the office of the Dean of Students ensures high standard of students well being during their stay at the University, especially in the following areas: accommodation, medical, library, postal & banking, catering & shopping, religious, sports & games, students’ funding & loan’s desk. Thus, the Director is the Head of the University Students Welfare and is the chief advisor of the students at the University.

The Office is a central place for students, parents, faculty and staff to receive assistance with navigating the complex issues of student life. The staff of the Director of Students Services Office provides support to individual students or groups experiencing life situations impacting their University experience and coordinates the appropriate individual or campus-wide response. Staff members work to promote a safe, respectful, healthy and inclusive academic community, coordinate specific programs and services, and monitor and respond to emerging situations that impact students.

Apart from the Universities Act of 2005 and the MoCU University Charter of 2015 , the office has other instruments that are used for decisions and guiding daily activities namely;
• MoCU Students Disciplinary Rules and Procedures, 2016
• MoCU Students Accommodation Policy, 2016
• MoCU Dress Code, 2015
• MoCU Student Disability Policy, 2017
• MoCU Sports and Recreation Policy, 2017
• MoCU Student Welfare Policy, 2017
• The Constitution of the Moshi Co-operative University Students’ Association, 2015
• Financial Regulations of the Moshi Co-operative University Students’ Association, 2015
• Election Regulations of the Moshi Co-operative University Students’ Association, 2015

The Office of DSS work on the following four core functional areas:
• Promote a safe, respectful, healthy and inclusive academic community
• Enhance students’ University experience through career guidance, counselling and advice students on job placement
• Provide support services and manage critical incidents impacting students and the University community
• Respond to emerging needs within the student population

The top leader in the office of Director of Students Services is the Director. In order to assist the Director to perform his activities, the director’s office has Four (4) departments namely, Accommodation, Guiding and Counselling, Sports and Recreation as well as Students Affairs Kizumbi Institute of Co-operative and Business Education (KICoB)

Accommodation Department
Some of the duties and responsibilities of this department include:
• Arranging accommodations for new students
• Ensuring that students’ residences are well maintained
• Ensuring that the university by-laws and regulations guiding the students life in halls of residence are being observed
• Keeping and maintaining proper residence records
• Ensuring that security prevails in and around halls of residence
• Coordinating the application of residence permits for foreign students
Department of Sports and Recreation
This department as an overall in charge of all students’ games, sports and recreation at the University, among others is responsible in:
• Advising the DoS on issues pertaining to the purchase of sports gear and other equipment
• Identifying sports, games, recreations and health initiatives and overseeing their planning and implementation
• Organizing students interclass sports programs and inter university games
• Preparing sports and games budget
• Supervising all sports and games at the university and ensuring all records are kept in proper order
• Conducting workshops and symposia on sports and games to the university community
• Liaising with head of department students’ accommodation in coordinating students’ cultural, recreational and sports activities in halls of residence
The Department of Guidance and Counselling
This department is responsible in performing various tasks including:
• Providing educational, vocational, social counselling and guidance to students
• Receiving and considering complaints from students on matters related to welfare
• Arbitrating conflicts among students and handling students’ emergency cases
• Helping students choose, prepare to enter and make progress in career advancement
• Helping students to adjust to and cope with the situations at the university including academic pressure
• Identifying, helping and motivating students with disabilities
• Coordinating students election activities
• Educating, advising and creating awareness on crosscutting issues including HIV/AIDS to individual students/groups
• Liaising with other departments in coordinating students cultural, recreational and sports activities.