Directorate of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)

Overview of the DUS

Directorate of Undergraduate studies is an existing entity in Moshi Co-operative University since 2014. It is designed to coordinate all matters related to processing undergraduate student’s admission and registration, managing the conduct of examinations, and issuing of certificates, as well as facilitating and coordinating undergraduate students’ field attachments and research.

Leonard N. Ngailo

Core Functions

The DUS Office is tasked to perform the following core duties and responsibilities:

  • Co-ordination, development, review and implementation of undergraduate degree, diploma and certificate curricula
  • Preparation and review of Academic Catalogue
  • Ensuring delivery of quality undergraduate programmes
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary collaboration at undergraduate level
  • Facilitating coherence and optimal resource use with regards to training
  • Development of methods of evaluating the effectiveness of teaching and learning
  • Formulation and review of course scheduling and time-tabling
  • Co-ordination of rules and regulations formulated by the Departments, Faculties, Schools or Institutes governing the undergraduate degree and diploma programmes; and certificate curricula


Admissions Unit

Under DUS office this Unit is tasked with the following duties and responsibilities:
• To coordinate students’ admission and registration activities,
• To manage students’ Help Desk,
• To formulate and review policies and procedures for introducing new academic programmes and courses at the University,
• To coordinate marketing programmes for MoCU undergraduate programmes.

Examination and Timetabling Unit

The duties and responsibilities of this Unit include the following:
• To prepare the University teaching and examination timetables
• To monitor the conduct of University Examinations
• To assist faculties/Institutes to coordinate Undergraduate Examinations and preparation of respective budgets.

Field Attachment and Research Unit

This Unit acts as the custodian of students’ field attachments and research activities. The following are the duties and responsibilities of the Unit:
• To assist faculties/Institutes to coordinate undergraduate field attachments/research projects and preparation of respective
• To appraise research and field attachment operation environment and advise the DVC Academic accordingly

List of Staff

Director of Undegraduate Studies
Head of Field Attachment and Research Unit
Head of Admission Unit
Head of Examination and Timetabling