Faculty of Co-operative and Community Development (FCCD)

Dr. Cyril K. Komba
Dean of Faculty

Overview of FCCD

Core Functions of FCCD


The Faculty of Co-operative and Community Development (FCCD) is the pinnacle of Co-operative and Community Development Education in the University. This is achieved through conducting training, research, consultancy and advisory services. It is the academic unit which currently hosts four undergraduate degree programmes, two postgraduate Diploma programmes, one master degree programme and one doctor of philosophy in research programme, one certificate programme and one diploma programme. The focuses of these academic programmes is in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Management, and Community Development and remain unique by possessing co operative skills and knowledge. These programmes have managed to enable to attract, enroll and enable graduates who are from Tanzania and other countries in East Africa example Kenya, South Africa such as Lesotho and Botswana, West Africa and others in the world.

The faculty operates a semester system of studies in which the academic year is divided into two semesters, except for evening programmes which are run under the modular system.

The FCCD is responsible for management, co ordination, advisory, linkages and collaboration functions as one of academic units in Moshi Co operative University (MoCU). Therefore it works to fulfil mission, vision and core values of MoCU. The faculty work under and report to Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics.

The FCCD is responsible for overall management of academic affairs conducted in the faculty. It manages monitoring of the quality of teaching facilities under the faculty, all examinations under the faculty, preparation of students’ transcripts, preparation and implementation of faculty short and long term plans, budgeting and seeking sources of funds to finance its activities, process of informing students in writing about status of their request for postponement of course examinations and appeals and evaluation of the marketability of programmes under its departments. The faculty through its Faculty Board provides provisional university examinations results for all academic programmes under the departments in the FCCD.

FCCD is responsible in coordination of academic programme development, graduation for its respective programmes and all activities performed by departments under the faculty. The faculty coordinates preparation of project proposals for revenue generation by its departments and participates in coordination of preparation of University Almanac. It co-ordinates advanced research training to is staff members.

The faculty play advisory role to academic units on student enrolment in programmes coordinated by the faculty and recruitment of new academic and operational staff.

FCCD is responsible to seek institutional academic linkages and collaborations with universities, other academic institutions, co operative societies and other organizations in local and international context.

For the purpose of ensuring we serve the best quality of education, the Faculty has been subdivided into four (4) Academic Departments, namely Department of Co-operative Development and Management (CDM), Department of Community and Rural Development (CRD), Department of Economics and Statistics (ECS) and Department of Accounting (ACC).

Department of Co-operative Development and Management (CDM)
Department of Community Development and Gender (CDG)
Department of Economics and Statistics (ECS)