Kizumbi Institute of Co-operative and Business Education


Kizumbi Institute of Co-operative and Business Education is located in Shinyanga Region, Tanzania.

Academic Programmes

Kizumbi Institute of Co-operative and Business Education offers courses for Certificate and Diploma programmes. Currently the Centre runs the following programmes:

  • Certificate in Management and Accounting (CMA),
  • Certificate in Microfinance Management (CMF),
  • Certificate in Enterprise Development (CED),
  • Diploma in Co-operative Management and Accounting (DCMA), and
  • Diploma in Microfinance Management (DMFM).
Grace N. Maleko

The teaching process for the mentioned programmes is conducted in collaboration with the instructors teaching similar courses at the Moshi Campus. This collaboration is in terms of exchanging course outlines, class notes, seminar questions, tests and assignment questions and other materials related to the courses. Final examinations are usually the same for courses offered both at Kizumbi Teaching Center and Moshi Campus.

Also, the teaching centre in collaboration with the Institute of Continuing Co-operative Education (ICCE) – Shinyanga Regional Office runs tailor made short courses, targeting Government organizations, non-government organizations, private institutions, co-operative organizations and community self help groups. Apart from organizing and conducting teaching, the teaching centre coordinates research and consultancy activities. Other than academic programmes, the centre coordinates outreach programmes based on the preferential areas of the University including business management, entrepreneurship, accounting and financial management, microfinance and co-operatives.