Organization Structure

University Governance


Council is the University’s principal executive and policy-making body. It is responsible for the academic policy and strategic direction of the University, for its administration and for the management of its finances and property.


The University Senate is the principal overall decision-making organ in respect of all academic matters of the University. The Senate oversees the regularities of all academic work (teaching, research and consultancy) at the University.
The Senate is chaired by the Vice Chancellor, and its membership includes representatives from all faculties, directorates, bureau, institutes and academic departments as well as from the student body.


The Chancellor is the head of the University and, in the name of the University, confers degrees and grants diplomas, certificates, and other awards of the University. He also has the right, from time to time, to direct an inspection of the University, or an inquiry into the teaching, research, consultancy, or any other work of the University, or its constituent colleges; in such manner as may be appropriate, or prescribed. The Chancellor may provide such advice, or guidance to the University; as he may consider necessary or desirable, for the betterment of the University. The Chancellor shall have such other functions and powers as are conferred upon him by the Charter of the University, or by any other written law. The current MoCU Chancellor is Hon Pius Msekwa, former Speaker of the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Vice Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor is the Chief Executive Officer of the University. He is the principal academic and administrative officer of the University; responsible to the University Council for the implementation of its decisions; and has such other functions as are conferred upon him by the Act and Charter. The Vice Chancellor is the ex-officio Chairman of the University Senate, Appointment and Human Resource Management Committees (for academic and administrative staff) and other committees as provided in the Charter. The Current Vice Chancellor is Prof. Faustine K. Bee.

Deputy Vice Chancellors

There are two Deputy Vice-Chancellors who have specific duties and responsibilities in Academic Affairs of the University; and in Planning and Management of the University Resources.
The Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Academic (DVC-A) undertakes and oversees a range of academic duties on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor whereas
The Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Administration and Finance (DVC-AF) is responsible for overseeing the planning and management of the University resources.