Odax M. Lawrence


Odax M. Lawrence



Teaching, Research and Consultancy

Area of expertise

Education Psychology, Curriculum Design and Development, Communication Skills, International and Comparative Education, Education Foundations, Adult and Community Education, Co-operative Education, Education Management, English Teaching Methods.


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Short Biography

Odax Manumbu Lawrence is a Lecturer, consultant and a researcher at Moshi Co-operative University. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Education (BAED) and Master of Arts in Education (MAED), both from the University of Dar es Salaam. He is currently undertaking his PhD studies in Education at the Moshi Co-operative University. Mr Odax has been in service since November 2014, first as a Tutorial Assistant and was promoted to the position of Assistant Lecturer in January 2016. Apart from teaching and researching, Mr Odax has been engaging in various Community services as he is an active interpreter at the High Court of Tanzania in the Northern Zone, based in Moshi Municipality. At the University, Mr Odax has also in different periods served as an Examination Co-coordinator and Editor of the Journal of Co-operative and Business Studies (JCBS) and University Newsletter.