Shadrack P. Mbilinyi

Shadrack P. Mbilinyi

Tutorial Assistant


Teaching, Research and Consultancy

Area of expertise

System/Business Analysis, Networking, Web Programming, Database Management Systems, Software Applications/Troubleshooting and other ICT related fields.


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Short Biography

Mr. Shadrack Philemon Mbilinyi is a Tutorial Assistant in the Department of Information and Communication Technology at Moshi Co-operative University where he has been a staff since 2017. He completed his undergraduate studies at Moshi Co-operative University, the University that is the awarder of his Bachelor Degree in Business Information and Communication Technology. In 2015 he had conducted his first research work namely “ICT Practical Learning in Public Primary Schools in Tanzania cases of Mwenge A, Mwenge B and Jangwani Primary school in Rukwa region” as a fulfillment of the requirements for the award of his Bachelor Degree. Mr. Shadrack Philemon Mbilinyi has strong passion and interest in the field of System/Business Analysis for the sake of achieving his professional growth while being resourceful and flexible in supporting the continued success of his career and his institution at large.